Hi ya’ll! I’ve had this post written up for several months, and I just now got the courage to post it.

Over the years I have had some issues with anxiety and depression. This has caused a major problem with my confidence as a person and a photographer. I’m sure many can relate. There have been toxic people in my life that made me feel less of myself and of my work. I’m posting this today to let ya’ll know this is my turning point. I’m claiming confidence and going to push through my anxiety and depression to pursue my dreams. I’m not holding back and I’m proud of myself for everything I have accomplished… and what I will accomplish!

I want you all to know, my clients are my world… you give me everything I need to keep going and I appreciate and love each and every one of you! Haters are gonna hate. We are gonna stand stronger not let the haters bring us down!

I am now studying and expanding my knowledge in photography. I’m taking college courses for my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m so excited for this! Not only am I pursuing my dream, but I am also following one of my Daddy’s dreams! He instilled a love of photography in me at a very young age. He was proud of the work he did and it always made him smile! I know he would be proud of me <3

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